Stand In

We conceived and built Stand In to help designers create engaging experiences for devices.


After many years of designing experiences for everything from phones to tablets to TVs, we became insanely frustrated with prototyping. Designers either had to be an engineer — or work closely with one — to test their design assumptions on a device. We created Stand In to empower designers to design on actual devices without the need for an engineer. When designers use Stand In they’re able to do design interactions, test the flow of their UX and, most importantly, get feedback from people.

Product Highlights

Photoshop Integration

A goal of ours was to create a prototyping tool that worked inside of a designer’s workflow. By working within the industry leading design tool, we were able to give designers that ability. We designed and developed a Photoshop panel using the latest technologies available from Adobe. They liked what we were doing so much that they wrote about us!

Real-time Updates

Design is an iterative process. Prototyping gives designers a chance to test their assumptions and make changes. Being able to quickly and effortlessly make changes to a prototype is extremely important — especially when you can update on a device.

Sharing Prototypes

Show > Tell. Designers need to be able to share their concepts with team members, stakeholders and potential users. We focused on making sharing happen straight from inside Photoshop. Because of the way we architected our backend, designs could be shared to anyone in the world, no matter where they were.


  • User research
  • Product strategy
  • iOS development
  • Photoshop development
  • Video production and editing